300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa & Rishikesh

At Bhakti Yogshala, we aim to provide guests with the opportunity to get a comprehensive understanding of yoga while traveling through the country where it was first practiced. Because of this, we can offer a wide selection of high-quality 300 hour yoga teacher training in Goa. These courses combine the most beneficial aspects of Western culture with the Eastern nations' rich customs and history.

Our 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is a comprehensive course that will provide you with the information, skills, and self-assurance necessary for your yoga practice, as well as the ability to teach courses based on the Ashtanga Primary Series and Vinyasa Flow. The eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga are the primary emphasis of this yoga teacher training course. These limbs include not just asana practice but also methods for pranayama, meditation, and philosophy.

300 hour yoga teacher training at Bhakti Yogshala

If you have previously finished a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and are eager to improve your instructing abilities, you might consider enrolling in our advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. This course includes a significant emphasis on the practice of Vinyasa yoga, hands-on modifications, and the fundamentals of Vinyasa sequencing. In addition, the Bhagavad Gita and how it may be applied to modern life are the primary topics of discussion in the philosophy courses.

During our 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you will learn and practice various pranayama methods, metaphysical meditation, chakra and kundalini meditation techniques, and yoga Nidra. You will also get various practical applications of comparative and functional anatomy. Our 300 hour yoga teacher training in Goa is widely regarded as one of India's most comprehensive and effective programmes.

Yoga training at Bhakti Yogshala

You will learn the concept of Yin and Yang, the difference between them, and how they complement each other, along with Yin anatomy. Also, as the difference in bones and joint structures, and how these differences may affect the asana practice of each individual.

Training Courses for Yoga Instructors

The 300 hour yoga teacher training in Goa, also known as YTT and YYTT, is a training programme that prepares students to teach yoga as a holistic practice in their local communities. Asanas, pranayama, kriyas, meditation methods, and the core of yogic philosophy are all incorporated into a holistic whole via the study of these courses. As a result, students can grasp and convey the knowledge of yoga in its totality.

Every year in the Bay Area, Bhakti Yogshala hosts two sessions of their Yoga Teacher Training and their 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. In addition to teaching yoga methods, we go deeper into the philosophical underpinnings of yoga, drawing from the ancient texts of the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

The objective of Bhakti Yogshala

According to what Swami Vivekananda had to say about education, "Education is an absorption of ideas that makes men, makes lives, and builds characters."The student will begin their path toward self-improvement and a heightened awareness of themselves as a result of participating in our yoga education classes.

They are structured to provide systematic instruction in yoga practices. Bhakti Yogshala believes that actions should precede words. The following are some of the advantages of taking this class: You will have the opportunity to develop:

The skill of bringing together one's body, mind, and spirit through the practice of different yoga practices

  • A comprehension of the yoga philosophy from a holistic perspective.
  • Management of stress and protection against illnesses connected to stress.
  • With pranayama and meditation, memory, creativity, and tranquillity may all be improved.
  • There are career opportunities in yoga that enable individuals to contribute to society.

Yoga Alliance approved 300Hr Multi-Style Teachers Training Course

A guide remains consistent with his motivation and sets you to walk the street of self-disclosure; the strolling one must do at their own will and quality. The time that it will take to cross the street isn't known to any, everything necessary is an 'aim'.

The 300 hour Online yoga TTC at Bhakti Yogshala concentrates on Hatha, Ashtanga-Vinayasa yoga, it connects the student in the study of the Patanjali Sutras, yoga psychology, science of breath & thought, understanding anatomy & bodily functions about classical & advanced yoga trainings. We examine in the spiritual anatomy of our ways, physic meditations, ayurveda and understanding the work of prana in each yogic posture that we follow during the course.

Our curriculum is a careful organizing of practices from amazing of the most traditional purist schools of yoga, It carried us a excellent deal of thought teaching the 300 hour TTC, our crew selected divisions from extensive information & procedures available by the sutras, yoga & tantra to create a curriculum that assists you ask better, study efficiently and evoke within you a researcher of this experiential ability.

This program combines both modern and classical methodologies. Yoga has been growing so are the instruction methodologies. Explore what it needs to be an inspirational yoga instructor. Practice and learn to teach yoga gatherings get perfectly furnished to be a thorough professional yoga teacher. Our mode of education is staying sincere with the esteemed Indian Gurukula system. Knowledge is presented through the evolving bond between the Teacher (Guru) and the student (Shishya).

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Why Online Yoga Teacher Training?


Though there exist a variety of training opportunities that may vary in phases of finance, location, teachers, and many more, there is the brand-new Yoga Teachers Training that has taken this track as a storm that is online yoga teacher training.

Sounds exotic? Well. But Bhakti Yogshala says that you can do yoga TTC online. We have come up with excellent training module for those candidates who want to get certified in yoga but unable to participate due to some puzzles and you can access to class materials and lectures from the comfort of your home or mobile phone,laptop,Tv etc. (especially so you could watch and replay them anytime as you wants).

What you will learn in online 300-Hr Yoga Teachers Training Course

What you will receive:

  • 300 HR Certification
  • Lifelong Material Access
  • Access to more than 200 hours of high-quality videos
  • Online community support
  • Eligibility to register with the Yoga Alliance
  • All classes are in English

**Registration with the Yoga Alliance is not mandatory. Being certified makes you eligible to register with Yoga Alliance for the 500-HR RYT designation.

Contents of training:

  • Advanced Asana Study: Learn how to teach advanced yoga poses, including teaching cues, modifications, injury considerations directions, and demonstrations for each.
  • Yoga History: Learn about yoga’s journey west and its history through a study of the ancient texts that originated the practice. Learn about the master Yogi gurus who helped spread it across western culture in the 19th and 20th centu
  • Advanced Study Of The Ancient Texts: Go in-depth in the revered and inspiring ancient Bhagavad Gita book. Discover this book’s ancient wisdom and how its teachings relate to modern-day lif
  • Understanding Different Styles: Understand stylistic and structural differences between different genres of yoga such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Hot, and Kundalini.
  • Working with Injuries: Explore in-depth how to modify and prevent injuries across different areas of the body such as the hips, knees, back, shoulders, wrists, and neck.
  • Tension & Compression: Learn to identify tension or compression in students to help provide safer guidance to experienced students working through different asanas.
  • Subtle Energies: Learn about the subtle energies in yoga including the 5 Prana Vayus, Yoga Nadis, Koshas, Mudras, and Kriyas.
  • Mudras: Discover the ancient art of mudras and how they relate to yoga practice. Learn 8 common yoga mudras used in yoga classes today.
  • Advanced Teaching Techniques: Learn advanced teaching techniques to help master your classroom. Learn how to teach to beginner, intermediate, and advanced level students. Discover different learning styles and how to cater to your classes to each.
  • Yoga Ethics: An important look into how ethics factor into your success as a yoga teacher and how to incorporate the principals of yoga and 8 Limbs of Yoga into your classroom
  • Advanced Philosophy: Explore the ancient philosophical principals of the Yoga Sutras. Learn how to apply these principles to your own life and how to teach them to students
  • Meditation Techniques: Discover different guided meditation techniques including Kindness, Walking, Gazing, Mindfulness, etc.
  • Advanced Pranayama: Learn advanced Pranayama techniques to better understand this practice can be incorporated your classes and your personal practice.
  • Seva & Being In Service: Discover the importance of Seva and how to be in service through your teachings. As apart of the program, all of our graduates get the opportunity to be in service through a Seva teaching assignment in their own communitie
  • Teaching Inspiring & Creative Classes: Learn how to develop and teach inspiring and creative classes to uplift your students
  • Advanced Alignment & Sequencing: Understand advanced alignment and sequencing as well as the language that’s used to communicate this important part of the asanas.
  • Personal Development: Understand how personal development can help you succeed as a yoga teacher. Learn about goal setting, creative visualization, and how to have a more positive mindset.
  • Yoga for Special Groups: Learn introductory principles for yoga catered to special groups such as prenatal yoga, yoga for children, and senior chair yoga.
  • Ayurveda: Understand the principals of this ancient sister science of yoga and the 3 Doshas. Explore Ayurveda healing techniques including diet, meditation, lifestyle, and exercise. what Topics we will cover in more details
  • *What is Ayurveda * principles of Ayurveda * Aspect of Health * What are Doshas & How to identify the Nature(vata,pitta,kapha) * what are Agnies(fires) * what are 07 Dhatus(Tissues) * What are the 03 Major Malas(waste materials) * Ayurvedic Routine – Dincharya – Ratricharya * Food of Hatha yogis & Types of food – Satvik – Rajsic – Tamsic * 08 factors of food ( on which the Quality of food depends) * Best Detoxifires for the body & mind * Best foods for mind/intellect/memory Home remedy to fight with corona or to boost the Immunity Alternative therapy: In alternative therapy, you guys will learn how to self heal with different types of techniques Mudra Therapy water Therapy (different types of baths) Mud Therapy Sujoj Acupressure Therapy – by seeds – magnates – color massage Therapy knowledge of Important Major Marma points

These are the most asked questions and answers about this course:

  1. Here their YA registration:https://www.yogaalliance.org/SchoolPublicProfile?sid=14921&lid=19530
  2. You can completely study at your own pace
  3. There are NO mandatory live classes you have to attend
  4. However, there are optional (free for you) live classes to attend as we believe in personal contact and guidance
  5. The test is written
  6. YA might make live classes mandatory in the near future so take advantage now
  7. We offer a very active Slack channel with on-site experts
  8. You have lifelong access to all materials
  9. There are NO hidden fees
  10. We offer 7 days, 18 hours per day support
  11. We LOVE yoga and meditation
  12. We embrace diversity
  13. We believe the world needs more yoga
  14. After signup it takes up to 2 hours to set up a school account (login will be provided via email) and the Slack and library invitation
  15. We have currently more than 200 students

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Our Awesome Team

A student is an empty vessel and a teacher is the source that fills this empty vessel with in-depth knowledge and wisdom.

Pranayama,Mudra,Shatkriya,Ayurveda Teacher

Born in Etah (U.P.), a town close to Shankasya (now Shakisha), a popular Buddhist place, Yogi Mahendra Ji heard his calling for Yoga during his schooling in Gautam Buddha Inter College. Breaking away from the initial plans of completing graduation and further running the family business, Mahendra Ji left home and traveled to Haridwar to respond to his calling. He remained under the shadow of Gayatri Pariwar at Shanti Kunj for four years during which he completed Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Science from Deva Sanskrati University. Soon after, he did his Masters in Yoga Science from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University in 2016. His inclination to specialize in Ayurveda brought him to complete 6 months certificate course in Ayurveda. After completing education, he acquired the badge of recognition and genuineness by qualifying the QCI (Quality Council of India) from the Department of AYUSH in June 2017. Ever since July 2016, Mahendra Ji has been actively associated with Rishikul Yogshala in Rishikesh. His specialized subjects include Pranayama, traditional Hatha yoga, Mudra, and Ayurveda. In his own words, “One drop of experience/ feeling is better than a hundred words of theory.”

Abhiskek started his yoga journey in 2014, when he for the first time came to Rishikesh (World Capital of Yoga). He started studying and practicing yoga under some of the most influential and well-known yoga teachers. After some time observing his dedication and dexterity the renowned teachers allowed him to assist them with their classes. For last few years Abhishek is now mostly involved in the “Yoga Teacher Trainings Programmes” with “Rishikul yogashala” and “Rishikesh yoga association” and the other yoga schools in Rishikesh.

Abhishek Negi
Ashtanga Vinyasa ,Vinyasa Flow Teacher
Manoj Rawat
Alignment & Adjustment Teacher

Manoj Rawat is engaged in the beauty of yoga since childhood. His grandfather encouraged him towards the path of Karma Yoga and later, Manoj explored the depth of Bhakti Yoga & Karma Yoga and take them in his journey further. He believed that the spiritual and yogic vibes of Rishikesh attract him the most towards the wonderful path of yoga. He then takes his yogic journey to the further next level and starts teaching & so sharing the glory of yoga.Manoj developed his practice learning and living amongst communities of Swamis and Yogis. At Swargashram, Sivananda Ashram and Jai Ram Ashram in Rishikesh; he grew his knowledge & understanding of traditional yoga. Moreover, he is a certified yoga teacher from the prestigious Bihar School of Yoga.

As a teacher, Deepa Ji focuses largely on Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Mantra Chanting and Laughing Yoga. She has fondly been teaching 200 hours and 300 hours Yoga teacher training course at various prestigious yoga schools for many years. For many, spirituality may have a definition differentiating from one another, but for Deepa Ji ‘spirituality’ is all about peace of mind, being consistent within striking a perfect balance with yourself. After having gained tremendous support and respect of all those who value her deep inside, she thinks that spirituality is something that can be found in nature. Other than imparting various aspects of yoga, Deepa Ji is fond of capturing shots and take a pleasant walk in nature. Traveling is something that has always fascinated her and she does not think twice when it comes to giving a touch of discovery.

Deepa Ji
Philosophy, Meditation Teacher
Nitin Chotwani
Hatha Yoga ,Pranayama Teacher

Dr Nitin is an E-RYT 500 (a Yoga Alliance certified ‘Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher’) specializing in Hatha Yoga. He has been practicing yoga for the last 10 years and has been a part of the Fusion Yoga India family for 4 years. He found a passion for yoga at an early age and spent years studying the wellness benefits of yoga. He is very particular about giving necessary attention to each student and takes pains to impart a clear understanding of the different asanas and their benefits.

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